Since 2003 Zanara has continued to turn client's aspirations into deliverable projects to drive the value of their assets. With private and corporate clients throughout London, we work flexibly across a variety of budgets and briefs, providing concise advice and project management solutions. The Zanara team identifies key challenges and provides the backbone to evolve and support a project at conception, evolution or delivery stages. Our experience ensures a management capability that supports a project with a collaborative and partnering approach.

Handling Project Challenges

There are always key challenges to an investment and development strategy to risk management at concept or turnaround stages. Fluidity of a project requires leadership, team management, and personal organisation to ensure compliance and cost control.

Creating Solutions

We specialise in providing solutions for principals who may not have the expertise, time and resource to manage the fundamentals and moving parts of a project, and who are looking to purchase and develop residential and commercial projects aided by our expertise and experience in fully realising the project’s potential.

Realising Potential

Our projects have helped our clients transform their assets, realising them in new build residential and mixed use schemes, commercial and residential developments and high end residential refurbishments.

Future-Proofing Projects

Our work at concept stage involves technical and commercial feasibility at concept stage. At development stage we financially and strategically model the project. And at the delivery stage we undertake the co-ordination of the project design team and full implementation of the construction. Our processes and experiences are demonstrated by our reputation, with successful delivery of projects implemented to the highest standard on-time and on budget.

Economic Analysis

Our team has the strategic and technical capability to provide an external and objective point of view. We understand macro issues which necessitate micro actions key to project planning.

Industry Knowledge

Our project management support is based on experience and not a theoretical approach; we have systems and tools based on a record of problems and solutions to ensure total compliance and continuity of a project.