Our Services

Our multi-disciplinary capability specialises in providing the expertise, time and resource - which provides risk assessment and project management, thereby future-proofing delivery of the program, budgets and quality to ensure the projects potential is realised.

Our team has the strategic and technical capability to provide an external and objective point of view. We structure a project based on experience and not a theoretical approach; we have systems and tools based on a record of solutions to ensure total compliance and continuity of a project.

We work on both residential and commercial projects, including new build, refurbishment and conversions - with a singular aim to maximise and transform the asset, and realise the maximum potential.

A complete multi-disciplinary project delivery company

Technical and Commercial feasibility
Scheduling and Interface checks
Consultanting Checks
Compliance Checks

Project Management
Design Co-ordination of the professional team from Pre-construction to delivery

Design & Build

Development Review

A viability review of the project costs, specifications and schedule is undertaken to identify any risks and future proof the projects.

Professional team review

A review of the design and interfaces and specifications is undertaken in keeping with the client’s requirements from concept drawings to construction details.

Consultants Review

Legal and project compliance requires a series of consultant’s appointments through the preconstruction, construction and handover phase, Zanara will instruct, co-ordinate and manage the consultants.


Zanara ensures all preconstruction requirements to include planning discharges, party wall arrangements, site setup, HSE and all licensing requirements are completed.


Tender and appointment of contractors and appropriate JCT construction contract.

Technical Review

Building control compliance, Design amendments warranty provider.